To Face Mask Or Not To...

So if you are not Patrick, you are aware of COVID-19. You will also be aware that if you ask all 7.8 (- 11300) billion people on this planet whether wearing a face mask will help reduce the spread of the virus, you will get exactly 50% responses saying yes, it will help, and 50% of the responses will claim that it does not help.

So I turned to the world's most recognized authority on the matter - the WHO. Going to their official web site, their take on masks during this pandemic is highly contradictory.

They claim:

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Rural Canada's Turbo Internet

Let the ad speak for itself. Btw this is the year 2020. (And no, that is Mbps not MBPS as advertised) ISP ISP

macOS Stacks vs Performance

With a modern, fast Xeon processor under the hood of my Mac, one would expect a simple thing such as box selecting some icons on the desktop to be quick. However, I recently found out that between the time I click and I finished the box selection, the initial click did not register. In other words, imagine clicking top right somewhere on your desktop and immediately dragging the mouse to the bottom right to complete a box selection. I found that I had no selection box!

Only if I clicked, waited about 4 seconds then dragged the mouse did it box select properly. What was going on here? My desktop was pretty clean... Only about one column of icons on a 4k display. Or was that true?

Turns out, I had 720 files on my Desktop, but they were all hidden from common sight via the nifty Apple feature called stacks - whereby files are grouped by kind and collapsed into stacks to clean up the Desktop. I absolutely love that feature as I use the Desktop as a working area, however I now realized the cost of doing so. Only 720 items on the desktop, yet it caused a 4 second delay in mouse click response when selecting things. I moved all those files out to a subfolder, and my response times for box selection is back to near instant. So keep an eye on the depth of your stacks - it will kill your performance if left unchecked.

Project #12: Magnetic Knife Stand

I have wanted a magnetic knife stand for my Japanese and European knifes for a while now, and although there are many to purchase, they all had one problem: They had to be mounted to a wall or cabinet. Since I am renting, I can not make holes in the walls so those blocks are a no-go.

So I decided to come up with my own design for a magnetic block, but self supported. I made two stands, a large one from Teak (thanks West Wind Hardwood) and another smaller one from Oak. They each have four mortise/tenon joints, and some shaping that I have done with a spokeshave. The main block contains 29 neodymium magnets (rare earth metal alloy Nd2Fe14B) in a staggered pattern consisting of two rows, and the smaller stand has 16 magnets in a grid like pattern across two rows. The magnets are strong enough to hold a large Wa-Deba but not too strong to cause issues with a small pairing knife. I finished them off with Urethane.

Large Teak Magnetic Knife Stand - Loaded
Large Teak Magnetic Knife Stand - Loaded
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Night Out In Downtown

Downtown Vancouver - Canada Place & Docks - Handheld Sony A7R4
Downtown Vancouver - Canada Place & Docks - Handheld Sony A7R4