Apple, Apple, Apple...

If a small company with limited budget and resources releases a product or enhancements to a product, I am fine with the odd bug here and there. Not because I like bugs, but I thoroughly understand the challenges that go in to developing, testing and deploying code. The fewer resources and budget you have, the harder it is to eradicate bugs.

However, if your company is worth USD2,000,000,000,000 then you have NO excuse to release iOS 14 / tvOS 14 with these major bugs:

  1. Airplay from an iPhone 11 Pro on iOS 14 to the latest Apple TV with tvOS 14 no longer works reliably - I get disconnected every 5 seconds, with the tvOS crashing and rebooting every time. This worked perfectly for months on iOS/tvOS 13 with no issues.
  2. With the new sound detect accessibility feature turned on, it fails to recognise my cat miaowing. This system is supposed to aid hard of hearing people, but it discriminates hard against my Bengal cat. Did Apple not test this on different breeds of cats? So way-cist.
  3. When receiving a new sound notification alert, if you fail to unlock the screen properly the notice disappears and there is no history of it anywhere - so you do not know what sound caused it.
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Apple Has Fallen Off The Wagon

I am not sure who is Director of UI and other visual experiences over at Apple but their web page for the upcoming Big Sur release of macOS has to be the most awful design in Apple's history (fonts too big, too many obnoxious colours, non-harmonious colour schemes, erratic zoom scrolling effect, way too many bubbles, too many images, disorganized layout, headache, pain, suffering...) :

Big Sur, almost illegible

I actually miss the old UI design:

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What Is The Point Of This?

A person-woman-man-camera-TV just announced his new creation - DiceKeys. The point is that you roll a set of 25 special dice, each with 6 sides I presume, that will land in a truly random pattern that can be scanned using a custom application, that will then interpret the orientation and faces of these dice and generate a master key with lots of entropy, about 2196. That is the same entropy of an alphanumeric password of 33 characters [a-z, A-Z, 0-9] which is 6233.

But why overcomplicate something already so confusing to most people as good security? He claims you can place a lid on the box and preserve the layout of the dice as a secure way to store your dice keys.

However there is absolutely no added security compared to writing a secure 33 character password on a piece of paper and storing it where you would have stored the DiceKeys. Ink will last a long, long time. As far as getting a good secure password? Easy. If you really want to use a mechanically random method, write the letters a to z, A to Z and 0 - 9 on small pieces of paper. Toss them in a basket. Cover the basket and shuffle them by shaking the basket. With the cover on, pick a piece of paper. Write it down, return it and repeat 32 more times. There is your person-woman-man-camera-TV über secure password.

ESET SMC 7.1 Not Upgrading

I have a client with ESET Security Management Center 7.1 installed and try to upgrade to 7.2 using the Upgrade task within the web console. That failed with no reason. So I tried downloading the installer and upgrading it that way, but it still failed.

In the log file of the installer I saw that when it was connecting to the database it complained that the ODBC string did not contain the database name (no MySQL database selected). After lots of probing (the console worked, it had a valid connection to the DB) I decided to take the DSN in startupconfiguration.ini and change it from:

DatabaseConnectionString=Driver=MySQL ODBC 5.3 Unicode Driver;Server=SERVER;Port=3306;User=USER; ↩
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Stupid Reporters

I just read this exert from an article:

According to NASA, that tail is 5 km long, so it might be surprising that it’s not visible to the unaided eye, but considering the closest it will get is 10 million km from earth, it’s impressive we can see anything at all.

That sounded like a lot of crap, as it will be impossible to see something 5km long from a distance such as that of the comet from the earth.

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