A word or two on mathematical proof and rigor...

In The Beginning God Said...
In The Beginning God Said...

Mathematics is, for most people, something you use in order to calculate the total price of groceries, make some year end financial calculations, for engineers it could be to do some FFT's (Fast Fourier Transforms) etc. The concept I want to portray is that I am rather sure most people assume mathematics is correct, sensible and without any inconsistencies - they just use it unconditionally in their everyday life.

Well, fortunately I will not completely burst your bubble about mathematics. It is indeed correct, consistent and sensible in the right frame of reference. But how can we be so sure that what we call mathematics, is indeed correct? The answer lies in the concept of mathematical theorems each accompanied with a rigorous proof, and axioms.

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Defensive programming good or evil?

Based on a recent discussion I had with a friend of mine, I am curious to know what other people think.

The discussion revolves around the use of defensive programming techniques, as implicitly discussed in my recent article. I am going to discuss two issues.

public void doSomething(SomeClass pClass) {
    ... // Do some things
    ... // Do some other things
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DPI vs. Image Size

Ever wondered how the relationship between DPI and Image Size works? I found a brilliant article on the web... Definately worth a read.

New Company

A few days ago I decided it is time to start another small company called Photudio. I have been interested in photography since I was a little boy running around with my Vivitar 35mm point and shoot film camera.

The web site contains some photos from each portfolio I like to take pictures for. Since I am interested in many different subjects, I have created distinct portfolios. Commercially I prefer doing Weddings, Model Portfolios, Still life and family portraits.

I hope this will become a viable company since I love photographing beauty...

%$#%$#% Spammers!!!!

Some freak decided tonight that it is a good idea to submit about 40 SPAM comments on my blog, distributed evenly across the blog entries... I had to delete them all one by one over an HSCSD (28.8kbps) connection.

The only temporary remedy I could find is to turn comments off. If you know of any way to work around this, please email me!