March 10, 2016, 1:50 p.m.

Workplace Resource Vancouver

Recently a friend steered me on a very dark path to replace something I was not consciously aware was problematic until he pointed it out to me. After much research I finally decided to visit Workplace Resource Vancouver down in 1035 West Pender Street. They sell Herman Miller products, in specific, the Embody chair I was after.

So off I went to their showroom, where I was greeted by a vibrant young lady named Joanna Dobson. She took more than an hour to show me the various options I have, let me try out the chair, explained its operation etc. I was so impressed I placed an order for the chair right then and there. I was told I would be updated with the status of my order.

Two days later I received an email from her colleague that a project manager would be in touch with me shortly when they hear back from the factory regarding shipping dates. That is where the trouble started - it was the last I heard from them. I knew my order could take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month, but after 14 days of not hearing anything from them - I decided to email and follow up. I was told someone else would get back to me. Two days later and I have not yet had a response back from the person who was CC-ed. Only after I again mailed this person directly, was I told the date of delivery. In the week of delivery I again mailed to check up on the status as by now I was kind of agitated. I was told a day later the chair has arrived and that they will let me know when it will be delivered shortly. Another two days later and the chair was delivered.

When I received their customer satisfaction survey I decided to express my frustration at the lack of communication. I clearly explained that I was impressed by the actual sales experience, but that the order fulfilment process was greatly lacking in transparency. As with all these surveys I knew it would only act as an internal vent for me and that nobody ever reads these things.

That was until yesterday night when I received a call from their general manager. He apologized for the lack of communication and ensured me he will use my feedback to improve his team's performance. Now whether that will actually happen or not nobody knows. All I do know, is that a simple call like that changed my somewhat negative opinion of the company completely, and I would gladly purchase something from them again in the future. I have been eyeing the Herman Miller standing desk for a while and might give them a call before the end of the year... Simply because of one phone call.