March 9, 2015, 5:25 p.m.

The Fault in Apple Watch

Apple has just unveiled the launch dates and pricing of their new Apple Watch. Needless to say, like any Apple product they have gone to great lengths to make a brilliantly well built device. From manufacturing a new type of gold alloy to stronger steel, they have definitely gone the extra mile to make these new devices last a very long time - just as a watch is supposed to be.

A mechanical watch can easily last a century if looked after well enough. Why? Because mechanical watches are timeless. Even in 1000 years they will still be marvelled over. A quartz watch - not so much. That being a watch driven by a quartz crystal and electronics - there just is not the same timelessness to these watches.

Which brings me to my point - Apple is touting the brilliance in the well designed, strengthened watches that was obviously built to last - but it is based on a premise that people would WANT to keep these watches forever. Since an Apple Watch is nothing more than a small iPod, which is 99.9% electronic and actually REQUIRES an iPhone5+ to work at all, in the end the case might last forever but the pressure to upgrade the watch by replacing it with the next model, as is now standard on all Apple devices every two years, would render the timelessness of it void.

So what is the point of strengthening the case and charging $10,000 for something that needs to be replaced in 2 years time? Which reminds me, since I need to upgrade everything in my life - I better start looking for Wife vX.