Oct. 21, 2006, 11:50 p.m.

Some really useful applications

During the course of life and work I had crossed paths with a huge amount of applications for the Macintosh platform. I have compiled a small list of the most useful applications that I cannot see myself go without.

Mori is a general purpose outliner/notebook that I use extensively to collect and sort all the bits of information one generates during life. It is rather new but powerful, however there are still some critical features missing such as customisable folder views etc.

Merlin is a project management tool much like Microsoft Project - just slicker and cheaper.

When I used to work exclusively on Windows I always used UltraEdit as my ASCII editor. Now I finally found a replacement - TextMate. Though not as powerful, it is more than enough for the work I do.

For my reef aquarium journal I capture my journal entries in MacJournal and then publish them to my MovableType blog. This allows me to control which entries do get uploaded and is nice to have the master copy locally available.

OmniOutliner Professional
Whenever I design a new system and start capturing user requirements, and as my TODO manager I use this neat outliner.

OmniGraffle Professional
To create visually pleasing diagrams for designs or whatever else one can think of, this application has evoked more positive responses from my clients than any other product I have used.

Want to store your passwords and important but sensitive information such as bank account details, license keys etc? This application is a life saver. It uses Blowfish 448 bit encryption.

Since I have both a MacBook Pro notebook and a Mac Pro workstation, I regularly need to sync my work between the two. This application does so seamlessly. I am still evaluating it (though I already purchased it), but so far it looks very promising.

NetNewsWire Lite
Read a lot of RSS feeds? Well this application is free and does what I want it to - aggregate lots of RSS feeds. Have been using it for the past two years.

Tired of junk mail passing through Mail.app's junk filter? I was. I used to get 30 junk emails per day that slipped through Mail.app's junk mail filter. That was until I installed the SpamSieve plugin. About once a week it makes one mistake - that is an accuracy of more that 99.9%! Though I am sure that plugin is the reason Mail.app crashes about 5 times a day now.