Dec. 4, 2017, 1:57 p.m.

Schrödinger's Rat

In the beginning there was nothing. Just blackness.

Then appeared the RAT BASTARD. Thus began an epic saga of man versus rodent...

Since man was an engineer, he decided to use his science and experience to trap said rodent. However, rodent was too clever as was alluded to before.

So man upped the ante by bringing to bear the full might of his wit - also known as patience. One day later this happened:

But alas! Man has just proven Schrödinger correct. The RAT BASTARD is both inside the box, and outside of it, at the same time. Has the wave equation of the rat not collapsed as it should when observed? I guess that is why the actual closing of the trap was never recorded - it is not scientifically possible based on quantum theory to observe the wave equation not collapsed. However, man has fractured quantum physics. This RAT BASTARD has now been duplicated.

Man thinks to himself - Occam's Razor. Perhaps this was a statistical anomaly - like quantum tunnelling. If he can only catch the clone, the freak accident can be swept under the rug and forgotten.

So 2 nights later...

A second non-collapse of the quantum state of the previously cloned rat. So now there are three rats. Rat #1 was relocated Far, Far Away. Rat #2 is now inside the trap. And he cloned himself into Rat #3. Shrödinger's Rat is real. The rat is always BOTH inside the trap and outside, at the same time.

This proves it is impossible to catch a rat - quantum mechanics require the rat to always exist outside of the box no matter what you do to reality.

I am at a loss... And in want of a Nobel Prize. I suck. I rock.