April 5, 2012, 12:30 p.m.

My major gripe with security updates

I agree, security updates are necessary to continue protecting us from hackers and viruses. I understand and acknowledge that software will continue to have security related issues in the foreseeable future. I do NOT agree that software have to have as many security issues as they do. I firmly believe most software is written not from sound engineering principals. If it was, then security would have been a prominent part of the SDLC and software would have been much more secure - not impenetrable, but much better than now.

I digress. The issue I have with security updates is when this happens:

Flash Update
Flash Update

I am in the middle of developing software, researching etc. I have at any given moment 30 - 60 tabs open in various browsers, I use this for segregation to enhance security. To patch Adobe's Flash (which seems to have daily security updates), I need to close ALL my browsing sessions. Even though some browsers can remember the last state, they cannot remember the desktops I had them on. So it is a huge mission to close them all.

Please people of the IT world… Figure out a way to patch your software WITHOUT IT NEEDING TO SHUT DOWN MY BROWSER. It is really not that hard to do. Work WITH the browser vendors to support a hot reload feature.