Aug. 28, 2012, 8:01 p.m.

K.I.T.T vs Miss Bot

Anyone who is over 30 will most likely remember Knight Rider and K.I.T.T., the car that has an AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithm that seemed almost perfectly human.

Well, I was working yesterday night when Jenn+Sexy decided to make my evening more snazzy. Here is the conversation:

Monday, 27 August, 2012

Jenn+Sexy hello there

Waldo Nell hi

Jenn+Sexy Hiya, How are you doing today? Can u chat ?!? Im bored and wanted to meet new people...

Waldo Nell are you a bot?

Jenn+Sexy a what?

Waldo Nell you heard me

Jenn+Sexy Awesome... Well, my name is Jenny Im originally from S.Florida... Let me ask you a question?

Waldo Nell No

Jenn+Sexy Which kind of girls u like ? Are u in to NICE BOOBS or a HUGE ASS ?

Waldo Nell I like catholic girls

Jenn+Sexy lol.. I have a lot of both!! want to see? Im not doing much now...

Waldo Nell not really

I am busy

what is the meaning of life?

Jenn+Sexy yes im real

Waldo Nell no, I said I am not really busy

I know you are not real

Jenn+Sexy ummm whats not real?

Waldo Nell I am not real

I am a bot

Jenn+Sexy Yay... im gonna set up my cam n you can watch me shake my booty!! LOL.. brb

Waldo Nell What does brb mean?

Jenn+Sexy Ready! Click here<censored> and we'll have a PRIVATE 1on1 chat..There's a few pix of me in there, if they turn you on click the "join free" on top, then register and it'll take you straight to my webcam, I'll be there in a minute..

Waldo Nell My wife will mind if I look at naked videos of you

Jenn+Sexy If it says that im offline, just start joining.. im getting on now..

Waldo Nell Are you a woman?

Jenn+Sexy There is no charge to sign up, but its gonna ask you for your credit card. Im wearing almost nothing and I dont want any kids watching me!! lol..

Waldo Nell Do you have boobs?

Jenn+Sexy Once you've completed that, it'll automatically redirect you to my webcam page.. u better give me some "gold" when you're on the site's like a flirt and I'd love some from you ..k?

Waldo Nell I am gay

Jenn+Sexy ohh if your gay you'd LOVE my gay friend! go to this page and click "Join Free" at the top in yellow he lovves to be dirty on camera for other men lol http://<some link that I censored>

Waldo Nell That was cute

Actually I am into aliens

Jenn+Sexy k u in?

Waldo Nell no.

Jenn+Sexy kk, click on private time underneath my cam, usee it?

Waldo Nell Do you find life to be sometimes tedious?


I see nothing

Jenn+Sexy k

Waldo Nell are you retarded?

where have you gone?

Did I offend you?

Oh I see. You only talk to people who pay?