Feb. 6, 2014, 11:24 p.m.

Giesemann Service Kicks Ass

I just received a new Giesemann Futura LED light fixture for my new 60g reef aquarium, straight from Germany. Taking out the beautifully crafted fixture evoked high expectations for the performance of this device. It was sad when I realized the instructions did not work well. See, this is a high tech unit. To use it you need to program it. No switches, not even an on/off switch. It works via Bluetooth. So I set up everything as per the instructions only to find to my dismay that the password is not accepted. This is not a cheap device, so I was highly upset when the code they gave me did not work.

Waiting patiently for midnight PST time (09:00 CET), I called Giesemann in Germany. A guy picked up and responded to my request for support. He also noted that I was the one sending in a support request via email as well. He listened to my issue, and asked me (in English) whether he could call me back. Two minutes later the phone rang. It was him. He gave me the correct code and all was well. It is a stupid thing - a mistake on their part, but it is about appearances. I was terribly upset that this device would not work as expected considering its cost. However, the top notch service I received from this German guy impressed me beyond belief. I just wanted to mention this if anyone is considering buying one of their products - their service (at least for me) exceeded my expectations.