Sept. 23, 2009, 7:14 p.m.

Car Review: Honda Civic LX

Make/Model: Honda Civix LX Coupe 2008 Automatic
Colour: White
New?: Yes
Engine: 1.8l 4 cylinder
Power/Torque: 104kW @6300 rpm / 175Nm @ 4300 rpm
Average Fuel Consumption: 6.5 - 9.8 l/100 km (Urban - City)
Performance: 0-100km/h in 9.2 s, 205 km/h top speed.
Owned: July 2008 - current

This is most definitely not the most exciting car in the world. Anyone who knows me would ask - but why trade in an Audi TT for this? Well, the reason is complicated. I moved a little more than a year ago to Canada. A relocation like this is extremely expensive. I had to sell my Jaguar and TT, and this side one cannot get a lease without being credit worthy. Since I am new in the country I basically had to put down a 1/3 deposit. This limits your options. But I digress...

So how does this car compare? Well, it seems to be reliable. I have not driven around the country that much - after 13 months I barely have 8500km on the clock. The longest distance I travelled was from Winnipeg to Vancouver. However, I never had the feeling the car is going to break down or had any real concerns regarding handling issues. It is not even remotely comparable to my TT, however it is a solid, reserved car.

This is so not a performance car, that it took me two days of searching to find its 0-100km/h specs. It is comparable I'd say to my Astra in terms of performance, so nothing to write home about. I actually prefer the Astra. Flooring the "gas" results in a mild suggestion of increasing your speed. Acceptable for normal highway passing and other maneuvers, but nothing to make you feel like you do not need your girlfriend to get you all prepped for that steamy night. Brake performance is OK, however I can really use some sharper reaction from the brakes.

The interior is an attempt at being modern, however it is not really to my taste. The Jaguar and TT were way better. That being said, the interior is completely functional with all the little bells and whistles one needs - such as electric steering, electric windows, radio, MP3, CD player, iPhone socket, cup holders etc. I do miss my rain sensors, automatic headlights, anti dazzle rear view mirror, leather seats etc.

So how does the car handle starting in -30C standing outside? Well, I left the car outside numerous times in -30C for 8 hours, and every time it started. Sometimes I needed to try twice, and the sound was awful, but it did start. I plugged it in at home though, since it is bad to start it when that cold.

Will I keep this car after the lease expires next year July? Nope. I will most definitely want to upgrade. Is it a bad car? Nope. Just way to boring for my taste. I just hope the finances catches up with my desires.

Honda Civix LX Coupe 2008 Automatic
Honda Civix LX Coupe 2008 Automatic