March 7, 2018, 11:19 a.m.
IT | Rants

Apple Needs To Step Up Its Game

I recently purchased a brand new 15" MacBook Pro 2017 with TouchBar fully maxed out. It has the latest software patches.

This is the third time in a month that I am greeted by this display when I open the lid after not being used for a couple of days, connected to the USB Type C charger:

MacBook Pro 2017 with Touchbar Resume from Sleep/Hibernate Bug
MacBook Pro 2017 with Touchbar Resume from Sleep/Hibernate Bug

Please Apple - fix this stupid and annoying bug. The only way I can recover from this screen is to hard reboot. Waiting an hour does not help.

Also, why does Copy/Paste between iOS and macOS devices no longer work reliably? I have updated software and hardware, yet only one in ten attempts I get lucky and a copy / paste across devices work. And not always bidirectionally. This has nothing to do with configuration or settings as it does sometimes work. Toggling my iMac Pro's bluetooth off and on sometimes helps, but how on earth do you do that without digging out a wired mouse?

Apple used to stand for robust, reliable software. They lost this when they lost Steve Jobs. Tim Cook is a better CEO than Steve Jobs just by looking at Apple's growing net worth, but it no longer feels special to use Apple products as they are no longer better than the rest. Steve at least made sure of that.