April 4, 2011, 9:26 p.m.
IT | Rants

Apple is devious

Everyone breathing knows about the Apple iPad. It is a cool tablet like computing device. It has some nifty uses and I enjoy using it for browsing the internet while sitting in the loo. Recently Apple released a new version called the iPad 2. It is faster, slimmer, has a camera and that is basically it. But because it is an Apple product, everyone is infected with "have-to-have-for-no-good-reason" sickness. So it is impossible to find one at any retail store.

Apple implemented a new facility this time whereby you can go to their online site and make a reservation. Every work day at 21:00 sharp they update their site for the specific store you choose, for the stock they received that evening. At 21:02 sharp all the stock is sold out. That is how insane people are.

So I would like to get one but for no good reason at all other than I want to. I therefore looked everywhere, but could not find one. To be expected. The release day people were queueing for 45 hours before launch, so I had zero chance of getting one. I am not that sad.

Tonight when I checked, I saw at 20:59:58 an available 64GB Black iPad 2 WiFi at the Pacific Centre. So I instinctively clicked reserve. But why? Now I have to pay a ridiculous $719 tomorrow and sit through traffic at 07:30 to get there in time, for something I would like to have but have no compelling reason to have.

I hate you Apple.